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PARCC Test Information & Schedule

Students in grades 3-5 will begin taking the PARCC test beginning on March 27.    


A complete schedule for testing is noted below.  Third grade is scheduled to take the test starting on the 27th.  The test will take about 2 hours every day and will finish around 11:30.  Attendance is very important.  Students who miss a day will need to make it up.  The PARCC test will now be a requirement for high school graduation. Taking this test in the elementary and middle school years will help your child gain the confidence and skills required to achieve that goal.  All students should get a good night’s sleep and have a nutritious breakfast each and every morning.  Studies also show that students who are hydrated perform better on standardized tests.  Although this test will not be used for placement purposes, we would like our students to try their best!  Thank you for your cooperation.

27th--3rd Grade PARCC (Literacy)

28th--3rd Grade PARCC (Literacy)

29th--3rd Grade PARCC (Literacy)

30th--4th Grade PARCC (Literacy)

31st--4th Grade PARCC (Literacy)

April 3rd--4th Grade PARCC (Literacy)

4th--5th Grade PARCC (Literacy)

5th--5th Grade PARCC (Literacy)

6th--5th Grade PARCC (Literacy)


Click Here for some PARCC practice tests.