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Board of Education Member Biographies and Contact Information

Our seven member Board of Education is an elected body comprised of residents of Jackson Township. As board members, they establish policies and administrative procedures for the Jackson School District's daily operations.

Board members fulfill three-year terms and serve the residents and children of Jackson Township without pay. These board members make important decisions that affect the educational offerings to our children, and welcome and encourage the public to take an active role in the educational process as well.

Barbara Fiero, President

After demonstrating years of leadership in parent groups and district committees, Mrs. Fiero is serving her ninth year on the board.


A strong advocate for the use of relevant educational technology, she believes the board must have a clear vision for how to prepare students for the future – without losing sight of the realities that confront the taxpayers of Jackson.


Theresa Schiazza, Vice President

Mrs. Schiazza is serving her fifth year on the board and believes a strong parent connection is vital to the district’s success in attaining high educational standards.


She intends to work toward more open communication with the public through the use of technology and to further expand on the open budget process by encouraging more “user-friendly’’ formats. She is also eager to build on the board’s “going green’’ initiatives to help save taxpayers money and reduce our consumption of resources.


 Thomas Colucci

Mr. Colucci was elected to his first term in November 2013 and was sworn in on Jan. 2, 2014.

He has been a Jackson resident for 15 years and he and his wife have two children. A He enjoys career days and meeting with students to share his experience as a pilot, aviation educator and flight and simulator instructor.


He believes as a member of the Board of Education that each and every tax dollar must be spent with maximum results.

 Sharon E. Dey

Mrs. Dey is serving her seventh year on the board. An active member of the district’s Special Education Advisory Council, she is committed to being an advocate for all children, as well as for working families and taxpayers.


She is interested in increasing the transparency of the board’s and in involving the community in the board’s efforts to improve education through sound fiscal and educational decisions.


Michael Hanlon

Mr. Hanlon was elected to the Board of Education for a three-year in 2011 but also served on the board for nine years from 1999 to 2008. Mr. Hanlon's three top priorities at this time are: to insure in these difficult times that the needs of our children – who have no voice in the process but are most impacted by it – are kept in the forefront of all budget decisions; to fight to keep the arts, both visual and performing, as part of our curriculum; and to monitor the progress of the new anti-bullying legislation to insure that all our students are educated in a safe environment.

Marvin Krakower

This is Mr. Krakower's 18th year on the Board of Education.  As a board member, his goals are to provide a quality education for all of our students and to ensure that our schools are safe and clean for the success of our student body.

A former educator, Mr. Krakower believes the board must act as strong and conscientious advocates so that each student in Jackson has the best chance for the success they deserve.


Adam Silvan

Mr. Silvan is serving his second year on the Board of Education. An update to this bio will be provided shortly.