While you are home, continue practicing your Spanish. Try to use what you have learned in class with your family and friends. I miss seeing your faces!

    At this point, almost all of my students have joined my Google classroom. If you have not, you will have an invitation waiting for you in your email. Please check that.

    This week, in Google Classroom:

    Third Grade-This week, we will be reviewing los animales en español. We are also introducing Los Animales del Mar (Sea Animals). Check Google Classroom for more information. 

    Fourth Grade-We will be taking a look at all the Spanish-speaking countries. Check Google Classroom for assignment. 

    Fifth Grade-We're going to be taking a look at the rainforest this week. Please check Google Classroom and your email for updates on this week's lesson. 

    Mrs. Rodriguez's class: Practice "los meses del año" (the months of the year). Use the song to help you! Sing along!

    The Months of the Year

     The Months of the Year Song


    Ms. DiStasi's class:

    You can continue on with the Salsa lessons. 

    Salsa Lessons

    Here are some games to play!

     Salsa Games








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