Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns at cvetrano@jacksonsd.org .

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     morning meeting Morning Meeting- This is how we start our day every morning!  The best part of our day! 

    Greeting- Students use eye contact and greet each other by name.

    Share- Students answer a question and share it with the class.  This is also a time to share anything personal going on in their lives.  Students have time to ask questions and comment to other classmates.

    Activity- Students participate in a game or activity together as a class.

    reading  Reading - Unit 2 Mystery Book Clubs

    Your children are in a book club with other classmates reading the same book. There will be a nightly reading assignment posted in Google Classroom at the end of each day for their reading homework.  



    math pic  Math- Topic 4- Fact Families Using Multiplication and Division


    Pearson Realize

    Please follow the directions below to help navigate your child’s Pearson Realize account online.  

    1. Log in to student's Google Account.

    2. Click on "waffle" in top right 

    3. Scroll down to EasyBridge 

    4. Click on Pearson Realize icon to the right

    5. You should now be logged in.  See below for different parts of your account.  

    Programs- Allows you to view each Topic with all lessons and videos.  

    Classes- Allows you to view all assignments that are due and/or all past assessments taken.  You can view past assessments and click on the questions that your child did not get correct.  This would be great to review with your child.

    Grades- Allows you to view the standards that your child has mastered, and those that your child needs more practice with.



    IXL  <-- Click this link to access the website.  Logins are glued into planners.  


    XtraMath  <--Click this link to access the website.  

    Email: cvetrano@jacksonsd.org

    First Name: Student's First Name

    Pin:  1111

    stem pic  Science-

    ss  Social Studies- Diversity


    Parents:  Please remember that this hybrid learning is new for ALL of us (students, parents, and teachers) and we are going to do our very best!  We will get through this year together one day at a time.  Your support at home is more appreciated than ever.  Please reach out to me with whatever you need! heart  Mrs. Vetrano 


     Additional Resources for Learning At Home (these are all optional, and will be added to occasionally)

    Vooks - Read Aloud

    Scholastic At Home Magazines

    Go Noodle

    Mystery Science




    dear students



  • Our lunch is scheduled @ 11:30 A.M.- 12:00 P.M. 


  • BTSN Presentation 2020-2021

    Mrs. Vetrano's BTSN Presentation


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  • Group 1- Mondays, Wednesdays, & every other Friday.

    Group 2- Tuesdays, Thursdays, & every other Friday.

    Shortened Day Hours- 9:25 A.M.- 1:55 P.M. 

    When your group is AT HOME, your child is required to attend our Google Hangouts each day at 2:50 P.M.

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