•  Third Grade

    Ms. Campitelli and Mrs. Yalden Room 201 

    My Email is dyalden@jacksonsd.org 

    Thank you for all your had work and support!!  

    Phase 3 of remote learning has begun. 

    Please check district website for very important information. 



    We miss you!

    Most importantly, all lessons and resources that the students will need will be explained in GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  The students are already using GOOGLE CLASSROOM, but if you’re still having trouble navigating, please see Ms. Campitelli’s class page or email one of us directly so that we can talk you through it.  You do NOT need to use any lesson plans or resources that come through the district’s remote learning plans.  We have studied and followed their directives and designed plans to best suit our third graders’ needs going forward.


    • MATH lessons and assignments will now be done on the Pearson website.  The students will be watching lesson videos and completing practice assignments online.  We have used this site many times in class and the students are familiar with how to navigate the site.  (gmail, “waffle”, easybridge, classes, click on the assignment).


    •  Students will continue to complete PERSONAL DICTIONARIES AND READING LOGS each day and turn them in each day via GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  All worksheets will be attached to the assignment, the students can write on them, and turn them in.  There is to take NO NEED to take pictures or print them out unless you want to for your own records.


    • We are going to start using a book that we would be using in the classroom as a read aloud.  We would like each student to have a copy of BECAUSE OF WINN DIXIE by KATE DICAMILLOThe book is available for FREE  on Tumble Book Library.   Click “tumble search” and type the title in the search bar.  It will come up as an ebook each time you need it.

    **** Other ebook resources are listed on Ms. Hogan’s class page.  You are welcome to get the book any other way that is available to you, but no need to spend money.  We will be doing read alouds on flip grid, assigning some at home reading, and asking questions about the book to be completed on an attached google doc. 


    • We will sometimes also use sites like LINKIT and RAZKIDS for reading assignments as well.


    • In addition, we would like the students to continue working on their INFORMATIONAL WRITING animal reports that we started on google docs before we left school.  These reports will be due no later than Friday, April 3rd.  They have their writing folders at home with rough drafts, informational writing checklist, and other resources to make their reports the best they can be.


    • We will no longer be using the social studies reading log or the same science pages we have been using.  Please consult GOOGLE CLASSROOM every day for those assignments.  We will be utilizing more videos, hands on activities, and attached worksheet questions to be completed.


    Please feel free to email us with any questions and remember to consult GOOGLE CLASSROOM and MS. CAMPITELLI’S CLASS PAGE as often as possible for assignment information.  Have a great weekend!


    Ms. Campitelli and Mrs. Yalden

    The Google classroom is  the main source of communication and updates. Please use it to access all assignments.

    You can access by signing into your school email.

    Then, go to the waffle and click on the chalk board.


    Project Read group will receive assignments on Flipgrid and they will be posted on Classroom.





    Enjoy these fun Math games! 


    The Jackson School District has a fabulous Video Check it out!!!



     This is the link to the HCJ news letter! Enjoy!

    Johnson Journal

     Miss you !