• Dear Parents, Guardians and Community Members:

    On behalf of the Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School and the Jackson School District, I am happy to welcome you to our website.
    In Jackson, high academic, social and character education standards serve as the framework for board, district, and building objectives. Overall, achievement test scores and report card grades reflect a high level of academic excellence and success. In addition to the important "basics," we place an emphasis on developing written expression skills and offering our students learning opportunities based on their individual needs.

    We continue to improve student achievement at all grade levels and to close achievement gaps where they exist. We continually review our special education programs to ensure that every child's needs are met in accordance with their Individual Educational Program (IEP). At Rosenauer, we will also track and provide necessary educational interventions through our Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) team. These interventions help struggling students acquire the skills necessary to grow as a student and close any education gaps that may exist. Curriculum standards are actively addressed within the district through grade-level meetings, department meetings, and K-12 articulation within the district curriculum meetings. High district standards are continually reinforced through a wide variety of instructional methods and materials. The school district provides our staff with numerous in-service programs and exceptional instructional and curricular resources.

    The rich and varied curriculum of Rosenauer School is further enhanced through services provided by building specialists. These special area teachers include a reading specialist, literacy and math intervention teachers, literacy coaches, Title I teachers, a media specialist, a technology/computer teacher, a world language teacher, art, music, physical education and a guidance counselor. A child study team, speech teacher, and occupational and physical therapists serve children with special needs.

    The Rosenauer School administration and staff realize the importance of home-school cooperation and communication. This is encouraged through parent conferences, Back to School Nights, school and class web pages and active discussion with parents. Parents also have access to the Portal system and Parentlink systems, which keep them up to date on grades, assignments and district happenings. Weekly e-mail blasts are sent to parents with pertinent information regarding school functions.

    At Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School, an active Parent Teacher Association takes pride in enhancing the school life of our students. They provide parent information programs on a variety of educational topics. Cultural assemblies, class trips and educational equipment provided by the PTA enhance our school programs. The PTA also sponsors book fairs, movie nights, carnivals, family holiday events, and our annual Reading Arts Day celebration. In addition, community members frequently visit the school to share their expertise on subjects such as the environment, drug and alcohol safety and awareness, personal hygiene, fire prevention and patriotic holiday celebrations.

    Rosenauer Elementary School's library /media center and computer laboratory are continually improving their equipment and resources. Our entire campus has access to wireless technology. A mobile laptop computer lab is available for differentiated instruction. We have 60 iPads and 30 Chrome books available to classes working on dynamic projects that will inspire and challenge our students. Rosenauer has the highest handheld device to student ratio in the district. Students in grades 1-5 have access to Promethean Boards, ELMO projectors, a minimum of 3 classroom- based handheld devices and Active Expressions technology. Kindergarten teachers have access to LCD projectors, ELMO projectors and a minimum of 3 handheld devices in each classroom. All of our classroom teachers have laptop computers equipped with docking stations with access to the Internet via hard-line and WiFi.

    Students are encouraged to go beyond the regular school curriculum and to broaden their educational experiences by participating in many extra-curricular activities and competitions. Our students have been recognized for their achievements in the following areas: NJ Math League Contest, Ocean County Math League, National Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Ocean County Technology Contest, Young Authors Club, Tournament of Champions, and various community and state poster contests. In addition to those out-of-school activities, every student in the building has access to Raz-Kids and IXL Math. These two Internet programs are excellent supplemental literacy and math programs that help our students to continue their educational growth throughout the school year and during the summer months.

    The administration and staff of Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School are committed to the continued growth and development of our students. Please feel free to peruse our web site at http://rosenauer.jacksonsd.org and learn about Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary.

    Mrs. Theresa Licitra
    Principal, Sylvia Rosenauer Elementary School