• Attention Seventh and Eighth Grade Enrichment 

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    Please check our Enrichment Google Classroom on Monday, March 30,

    for new assignments and fun each week!



    Class Dates:  TBA

    On March 31:  Scholastic Olympics - The seventh-grade students will be participating in Donovan Catholic High School annual competition.  An information packet and permission slip will be distributed the week of February 18.  Due back by February 24. Due to COVID-19, the competition is canceled.


    The present area of study:

    Dragsters - Balloon Buggy - February 18, 25 Race off - March 3

     - Demonstrate Newton's third law of motion by constructing a balloon-powered vehicle.  The challenge is to build the buggy that will travel the farthest distance.  

    Congratulations to our Dragster winners:

    First Place:  Cameron Hall

    Second Place:  Connor Ormsby

    Third Place:  Jackie Casale

    Fourth Place:  Leo Zheng



    Aerospace - Straw Rockets - January 21, 28, February 4, 11

     - The straw rocket helps teach projectile motion, the center of gravity, initial velocity, and introductory aerodynamics.


    Congratulations to our rocket launchers winners:

    First Place:  Queeni Li

    Second Place:  Cameron Hall

    Third Place:  Mark Agban

    Fourth Place:  Haash Mehta

    Fifth Place:  Amel Osman / Cameron Fletcher


    Upcoming Units


    Aerospace - Hot Air Balloon

     - Introduce students to the principles of lighter-than-air flight as well as to the concepts of temperature, density, and buoyancy.


     - Encourage teamwork and creativity as well as develop lateral thinking and planning skills by constructing either the Cyclone Roller Coaster or Amusement Park.