Seventh and Eighth Grade Enrichment meets every Tuesday

    2:30-3:30 in Room 103 


    Class Dates:

    November 5, 12, 26 (No class 19th due to parent conferences)

    December 3, 10, 17



     - Students will begin the year planning a trip anywhere in the world.  They were given $5,000 to spend which will include transportation, lodging, food, and touring attractions.  Students will prepare a Google slide presentation and present it to the class.

     - Students will challenge each other in the Geography game by naming places with a certain letter.


    Upcoming Units

    Aerospace - Hot Air Balloon

     - Introduce students to the principles of lighter-than-air flight as well as to the concepts of temperature, density, and buoyancy.

    Aerospace - Straw Rockets 

     - The straw rocket helps teach projectile motion, the center of gravity, initial velocity, and introductory aerodynamics.

     Dragsters - Balloon Buggy 

     - Demonstrate Newton's third law of motion by constructing a balloon-powered vehicle.  The challenge is to build the buggy that will travel the farthest distance.  


     - Encourage teamwork and creativity as well as develop lateral thinking and planning skills by constructing either the Cyclone Roller Coaster or Amusement Park.