Pre-K Team - South Amboy Elementary School

    Miss Emily's Classroom Page  

    Classroom Paraprofessional:

    Ms. Borrelli 

    Email Address: ekoller-bottone@jacksonsd.org 

    Please feel free to reach out at any time. I will get back to you within 24 hours!

    The best times to reach out are: 


    11:45am-12:45pm (absolute best time) 


    Here is the link to our family app:




    Family Gatherings 2022/2023


    Sept- Back to School Night Tues 9/13

    Oct-Halloween Parade Mon-10/31 2:00pm (Black Top by McGill/Caloia’s Room)

    Nov-Feast Fri-11/18 2:00pm 

    Dec-Multicultural Holiday Gatherings Tues- 12/13 2:00pm  


    April-Tournament of Champions  Tues-4/25 2:00pm 

    May-Special Person Tea Fri-5/12 2:00pm 

    June-Donuts with Dude Wed-6/14 2:00pm 

    (dates subject to change)

     Rest Time:

    Your child will need

    a small blanket and a crib sheet for Rest Time.

    Please return sheets and blankets

    on Monday when they are sent home.

    Thank you! 

    Hip Hip Hooray! We are NOT a peanut free room! You are allowed to pack your child nut products for snack and lunch as we do not have any nut allergies! 

    Birthday Celebrations 

    Outside treats are not permitted. You may send in individual pre-packaged treats.

    Non-edible treats are recommended such as stickers, pencils, toys and etc.

     Websites to use at home:

    Great source for read alouds here 

    Brain break ideas here 

    Speech therapy resources here

    OT resourced here

     PBS Kids



    You Tube

    ABC Phonic Song

    Storyline Online:

    Watch famous actors and actresses read picture books aloud.

    School Hours 

    Regular Day 


    Shortened Day


    Delayed Openings


    Health Fair Flyer




    school closed

    School Closed:

    1/16 Martin Luther King

    1/31-Transition day

    2/17 & 2/20-President's Weekend

    4/6-4/14-Spring break

    5/29-Memorial day


    Shortened days: 

    Mon-3/13 Staff PD

    Wed-4/5 Spring break

    Mon-5/8 Staff PD

    Fri-5/26 Memorial Day

    Thurs & Fri-6/15 & 6/16

    Tues & Wed- 6/20 & 6/21

    Helpful items to have on hand at home:

    Crayons, markers, glue stick, paper, scissors, pencils, bingo marker, wipe off board, stickers, paint 


    Emergency number 

    Please call 833-4620 ext. 2126 after 4PM

    This is the front desk number and you will be able to talk to someone there.  









    Last week (3/6-3/10) This Monday (3/6) we have two exciting events! At 1pm our class goes to the book fair! If you forgot to send in your child with book fair money today, make-ups are on Friday, March 10th, so send in money for make-ups prior to then. Our second exciting event we will be partaking in is a birthday celebration for Ms. Borrelli! The class will be enjoying some home-made cake! Thank you so much to those who sent in gifts for her! This Friday, March 10th, I will not be in school as I had to take a personal day. Ms. Borrelli will be sending home resttime materials though so please wash and return those by next Monday. Please check your email and your child's backpack for important information regarding our preschool egg hunt that will be happening next month. Next Monday, 3/13, is a half day for all students. Staff will be attending professional development workshops in the afternoon. Also, thank you to those who sent in expo markers this week! I appreciate you more than you will ever know! Please continue to message me via the TSG family app prior to 9:30 am if your child is ordering school lunch, I do not check individual lunch boxes each day upon arrival.  In other news, we will continue to study buildings in class this week! As always, reach out if you have any questions or concerns! I'm excited for another week in preschool!
    This week (3/13-3/17) This Monday, March 13th, is a half day for all students as staff members are attending professional development workshops in the afternoon. Please remember to plan accordingly. Rest time blankets will be sent home this afternoon, 3/13, as they were not sent home on Friday due to my absence. Please wash and return the blankets by tomorrow morning! Also, remember to continue checking your child's backpack for important notices. In other news, we seem to have a bit of a strep outbreak in our classroom (again...) Please continue to monitor your child at home and keep them home from school if they are sick! We want to keep our classroom healthy and in order to do so, we must work together as a team! This week we end our building study and begin our exercise study! To incorporate exercise at home, talk with your child about different ways that kids can exercise and why it is important! Different ways children can exercise, including hopping, skipping, jumping, walking, running, and dancing! Please encourage your child to move their bodies at home in order to live a healthy lifestyle! REMINDER! If you are sending your child in with something that requires a spoon to be eaten... please send them in with a spoon :) I do not have utensils. This Friday is St. Patrick's Day! We will be celebrating by having a classroom party on Friday! Please check the spreadsheet I shared with you all if you wish to donate food items for our celebration. Also, please have your child wear green this day! Have a lucky week! :)