• Welcome to Mrs. Netis's Grade 8 Literacy Class



    We are getting to know each other and your child is completing his/her first of many conferences regarding his or her writing and summer reading projects.  

    My goal is to prepare you for high school.  This year we will build upon skills learned in previous years while working to incorporate voice, style, and sophistication into our writing. Grammar will be addressed through  writing and Daily Do Now activities. In an effort to improve reading comprehension, independent reading will be a requirement..If you wish to stay after school, please make an appointment.  Please have your parent or guardian provide written permission via the planner.  

    Please come to our class prepared with your summer reading requirements and a reading book of choice!


    First Day Requirements

    • Summer Reading Logs and Double Entry Journal to be collected on the first day.
    • Be prepared to conference on your summer reading choice
    • Pens, notebook (for Literacy only)
    • Book of choice to read.




  • I am available after school.