• Hello my name is Mr. Sims and I have been teaching Health and Physical Education for 24 years. I have coached wrestling for 24 years, soccer 22 years and baseball 14 years. I am looking forward to another exciting year in your Health and Physical Education classes.

    The students will have have 3 marking periods of physical education and 1 marking period of Health. Students will learn to participate in various sports, movement and activities. Students will also learn the value of good sportmanship. 

    The students are evaluated on participation, preparation and citizenship.

    Participation: the students are evaluated on their participation not on their athletic ability.

    Preparation: The 7/8 graders must change into their gym clothes and athletic sneakers each day and everyone will be issued a lock at the beginning of the school year. 

    6th graders need only change into athletic sneakers.

    Citizenship: Behavior, safety and show respect to other students.

    The students will participate in the following activities for 10 days:

    Soccer, Softball, Floor Hockey, Indoor Games, Basketball, Fitness, Outdoor Games, Square Dance/Social dance, Volleyball, Lacrosse and Football 






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