Freshman Success

  • Freshman Success Description

    Freshman Success is very beneficial and allows students to learn skills essential for high school and college. The program was created to help eighth-grade students transition to high school smoothly because freshman year determines how the rest of high school is to go. Statistics in The Importance of the Ninth Grade on High School Graduation Rates and Student Success in High School by Kyle McCallumore and Ervin Sparapani found that when a form of Freshman Success was implemented into schools, students found more academic success.

    1. Freshman Success is a support class that is provided to all ninth graders in order to help them transition from their middle and junior high schools to the high school setting.
    2. This class will teach incoming students at Jackson Memorial HS on how to organize their materials and manage their homework.
    3. Freshman Success will also provide a setting for students to track their grades, practice self-reflection, communicate and get to know the rest of the freshman class.

    Key Learning Objectives:

    Students Will:

    • Actively set goals and monitor progress Learn and practice organizational strategies Practice self-reflection
    • Learn and practice metacognitive learning skills
    • Practice learning strategies Identify personal ways to communicate and seek help for personal success 

    Key Learning Strategy Use of planner Use of binder system Growth mindset based goal setting- use of Ladder Action Planning Comprehension Model for expressive and receptive tasks Communication and conflict resolution Unit Major Activities Target Goal Welcome week

    1 Sock Toss, Stress Bell Curve, Station Rotations with Interviews (Interviews will begin on day one and continue through the day)

    2. We will need two other welcome activities for the other stations.. Get familiar with each other Begin buy-in on organization and learning

    • Cultural Values Presentations
      Students will prepare and present one cultural value. They may choose from the list of indigenous values, or from a self-selected value.
      Two weeks will be spent teaching the meaning of culture. Each class will begin with one student sharing the presentation of their cultural values.
      Getting OrganizedPlanner and Binder Do Score Card Making binders, labeling, setting up the paper station, planners Learn to use a planner effectively.
      Have organized binder Have organized ‘home’ station Digital Organization Write a letter to your future self: students will practice using Google files and files and finally practice writing a letter. Have a system for organizing work in their google drive.
      How to access and monitor grades Download PowerSchool App on smartphones, hand-out username, and passwords- get everyone on.
      Have PowerSchool app on the phone Have access to their account using username and password for parents on Google classroom and Genesis about student access to grades online
    • Who am I as a learner? 
      How are you Smart? preferences Setting Priorities and  Understand that setting priorities must be a purposeful act.
      Understand that our actions speak to what we have prioritized.  “A goal without a plan is just a dream.” Understand the connection between what I do in class and advancing my map score Independent reading Library outing How to choose a book based on interest
      Successful student habits and study habits - gear learning vs. low-gear Top habits of successful students, test and study learning, study strategy video, and note guide strategies for success.
      Welcome back Ice breaker activities: class competition
      Community building amongst the freshman class 4-year graduation planning with college and career guide Resumes, interviews, professional e-mails, and career guidance Introduction to having a plan and learning professional skills
      Public Speaking Students will choose one topic of interest and one student will present each day throughout the semester.
      Speaking and presentations skills Communication
      Your personality and your communication style, verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening for learning, conflict resolution Interpersonal communication skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, and active listening in an academic setting
      Course Planning and Peaks Preparation 
      The counseling department may be contacted through student email. 
      Students will understand required and elective classes when registering for their upcoming classes online. 
      Digital Literacy Dos and Donts of social media, Cyberbullying, Social media awareness lesson, Cyberbullying article and break out scenarios,
      Planner/Binder check co-current community-building activities
      Monthly ice breakers outside (weather permitting). Rule review Key Assessment Information: Alternating binder and planner checks are one of the forms of assessment in Freshman Success. In addition, students complete grade tracking on a weekly basis as a way to monitor progress and manage missing assignments