• Below are the numbers for the Girls Track and Field Team for the 2017 season:

    1,3,7,8,16,18,21,27,28,29,48,50,53,61,74,76,77,81,82,84,85,86,88,89,92,96,101,103,105,106, 109,110,121,123,127,129,132,133,135,136,139,140,141,143,144,145,149,150,151,152,156, 157,158,160,161,163,164,165,166,167,168.


    For numbers not posted: We had such a great turn out for tryouts and want to thank each and every one of you for all the hard work you have put in these past two weeks. Do not feel discouraged and come out again next year!


    For Everyone To Read:

    You’re Still Enough

    You didn’t make the team.
    You’re still enough for me.

    You didn’t get the part.
    You’re still enough for me.

    You didn’t come in 1st.
    You’re still enough for me.

    You didn't make the cut. 
    You’re still enough for me.

    You didn’t choose the right words.
    You’re still enough for me.

    You didn't meet expectations. 
    You’re still enough for me.

    You’re still enough. 
    You’re still enough.
    Let me tell you why:

    You almost gave up, but you didn’t.

    Your buttons were pushed, but you kept your cool.

    You found it challenging, but you kept trying.

    You could’ve left, but you stayed.

    You could’ve looked away, but you spoke up.

    You could’ve denied, but you confessed.

    You got nothing in return, but you gave anyway.

    You were off key, but you still sang your heart out.

    You are enough. 
    You are more than enough. 
    You are living proof that with each stumble,
    with each fall,
    with each try, try again, 
    a new color is added to your vibrant soul.

    Keep trying. Keep shining. You are enough.


    We live in a culture where it is never enough. We are pushed to the limits and in a constant competition. So take a moment to think of what a strong young women you are and all that you do. Then tell yourself YOU ARE ENOUGH and you are perfect just the way you are. Just showing up and giving your all IS ENOUGH.

 Girls Track Meets Schedule 2017



Degrees and Certifications:

Girls Track Meets Schedule 2017

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