We will be using the classdojo reward/behavior system this year. This program is very exciting! This program allows me to  track student behaviors (positvely & negative) easily and effectively. This program is based on points and students can be given positve points for things like being on task, being respectful, particpationg, or working hard. On the other hand, points can be taken away if students are off task, talking out, or being unprepared.


    Parents will have a access code, which I will give to each of you. Then you can log on to the app or website to join our class. On the app or website you can see how many points your child has in real time. So you can check it out throughout the day! It's great!


    Monthly, students will be able to "cash in" on their points for different prizes and coupons.


    One of my FAVORITE parts of this program is their class story and message system.


    Class Stories allow me to post pictures & short videos to our class dojo page. Only parents who are connected to our class can see it. I also can send reminders of specific classroom and school events. Parents are able to comment on these posts as well. I will TRY to post at least once a day all year long!


    Another feature that I love is the messaging system. This message system comes to me even quicker then email. I get alerts to the program which allow me to see I have a message. It is the BEST way to get ahold of me.


    I hope to have 100% partipation in this program! Any questions, please let me know!