• 2nd Grade Rocks Math Topics for the Week of December 17-21, 2018:

    • Topic 6-1: Regroup 1 Ten for 10 Ones
    • Topic 6-2: Models to Subtract 2-Digit and 1-Digit Numbers
    • Topic 6-3: Subtract 2-Digit and 1-Digit Numbers

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    Monday:  Gym with Mr. D'Ambrosio

    Tuesday: Computers with Ms. Sendecki

    Wednesday: IMC with Ms. Conley

    Thursday: Music with Ms. Clark

    Friday: Art with Mr. Bryan

    Lunch is 1:05-1:35 daily. 

    PLEASE NOTE: We will be having a “Working Snack” in the morning, daily. What that means is that students can have a small snack, but must be able to work while they eat it. Snack is voluntary and will not be provided by the school in the event that a student doesn’t have one.

    Snack Guidelines:

    • No nuts of any kind
    • Nothing that requires utensils or cutting
    • Healthy snacks only, please
      • Some examples of healthy snacks include pretzels, apples, crackers, goldfish, plain popcorn, sliced veggies, etc.