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    Rhea & Hercules Ready to Learn!



                Daily Schedule: 


    Miss Fera's 4th Grade Math Pull-Out

    9:15-10-15 * Math

    Mrs. Garnett's/Miss Fera's 2nd Grade Schedule

    9:15-9:55 *Science/Social Studies

    10:00-10:40 *Special

    10:45-11:10 *Recess

    11:15-1:00 *Literacy/Working Snack

    1:05-1:35 *Lunch

    1:40-2:40 *Math

    2:45-3:10 *WIN (What I Need)



    Monday *Computers

    Tuesday *Library

    Wednesday *Music

    Thursday *Art

    Friday *Gym


    Please Note!

    We will be having a "working snack" every morning. This means that students will be able to have a small snack, but must be able to work at the same time! Snack is voluntary and will not be provided by the school in the event that a student doesn't have one. Also, students may bring in a water bottle and leave it on their desk throughout the day.

    Snack Guidelines:

    *No nuts of any kind, please

    *Nothing that requires utensils or cutting

    *Healthy snacks only, please

    (for example: pretzels, apples, crackers, goldfish, sliced veggies, etc.)