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There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • Homework Policy

    Homework is essential in order to practice, reinforce, and extend classroom content. It should foster a student's sense of responsibility and accountability, but should never contain surprises. It will be targeted and purposeful to match the material that was previously taught in class. It can be differentiated based on individual needs and abilities. Please note that if your child ever experiences extreme frustration or confusion on a question, I ask that you just circle the number and provide your initials to indicate that the student communicated with you about their challenges. In this case, the student will never be penalized. It is important to remember that homework can help students see what they still find confusing after the school day is over!

    Homework should:

    • reinforce concepts taught that day
    • provide an opportunity to practice
    • show students what they understand or still have questions on
    • encourage further questions

    Homework should not:

    • be anxiety-provoking
    • be stressful
    • discourage interest on a topic
    • overly "drill and kill"
    • rely on home support/resources