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    Ms. Gass' Email: jgass@jacksonsd.org

    Updated Plans: June 8, 2020

    Please click here for the Remote Learning Plans for June 8-12: Ms. Bialecki & Ms. Gass' Remote Learning Plans

    These plans are also posted in Google Classroom: Ms. Bialecki & Ms. Gass' Google ClassroomPlease check our Google Classroom and your email each day for updates and announcements. 

    For help submitting assignments to our Google Classroom, please view this video.

    Project Read students, please click here: Project Read Remote Learning Plans 

    Developmental Literature students, please click here: Reading Remote Learning Plans

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through Google Classroom or our emails: 

    Ms. Gass: jgass@jacksonsd.org

    Ms. Bialecki: cjbialecki@jacksonsd.org

    For Special Area Classes, please visit the following link: Special Area Resources

    Check out this link for some great, free educational resources: Learning Resources

    If you are having trouble logging into Pearson, please click here for instructions.


    REMOTE LEARNING CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Visit Mrs. Henry's Teacher Page