• Literacy   literacy        

    Reader's Workshop:

    This year we will be using the Reader's Workshop model in our classroom, which is a component of the balanced literacy program. Students will be exposed to a wide range of authentic literature, and will grow as readers of both fiction and nonfiction texts. Each night, your child will bring home their book in a bag, which will be a "just right" book on their independent reading level, as well as a reading log. Please make sure to return the book to school each day, as we will be using it during workshop. Through Reader's Workshop, students will learn comprehension and fluency skills during whole group lessons and small group instruction. Reader's Workshop aims to instill a lifelong love of reading by creating an environment of strong, independent readers. 

     Words Their Way:    words their way

    This year we will also be using Words Their Way. Students will work on a personal list of words each week and will practice sorting/spelling the words through various activities in class.

    Writing     writing

    Writer's Workshop:

    Our writing instruction follows a workshop model that is similar to the Reader's Workshop program. Students will learn strategies to improve their skills as writers through whole group lessons, small group instruction and individual conferencing. Students will learn to write with greater meaning and craft by building on what they know with the guidance of mentor texts.

    Math  math

    Topic 1: Understand Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers

    Students will learn the different math standards this year using hands-on approaches, different strategies, and manipulatives to foster deep understanding. If you would like to access the text online, you may follow the link under my "Student Resources" tab.  

    Social Studies social studies

    Our first social studies unit focuses on learning about government and the democratic process. This unit will focus on the following essential questions:

    • Why is the U.S. government designed as a three-branch system?

    • Why was it so important that individual rights be upheld or protected?

    • How does this system of government affect our daily lives?