We will not be giving homework for the Spelling/Word Work (Words Their Way or Project Read). However, students are encouraged to practice their words each night.  Here is a list of alternative activities your child can do at home to practice.  If your child completes any of these activities at any point in the year, they should bring it in to earn BONUS STARS!  If the activity can't be physically brought into school (i.e. sidewalk chalk), you can send me a picture on the Remind App or simply write and sign a note that your child did the activity.  Have fun spelling and sorting!!

    Flash Cards - create flash cards to sort words

    Magnetic Letters - form each word using magnetic letters

    Read, Trace, Write - form each letter in the air to spell the words

    Call and Write - have someone at home call out each word and then write it down

    Sentences - write a sentence using each word

    ABC Order - write your words in alphabetical order

    Sidewalk Chalk - when it is nice and warm, write your words outside using sidewalk chalk

    Shaving Cream - with permission from an adult, spray shaving cream on a plate and use your finger to spell each word

    Cursive - write your words in cursive to practice both

    Typing - type your words using different colors, fonts, and/or sizes

    Cut and Paste - go through magazines to cut out words with the same rule/pattern and glue it on a piece of paper

    Uppercase and Lowercase - write each word twice, once using all lowercase letters and once using all uppercase letters