Course Description

  •            !   This course is designed for the dedicated math student who is interested in preparing for the rigors of the Calculus. It is an intense, fast-paced course intended to challenge those individuals who plan on going into the fields of math or science. Topics include the study of polynomials, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.


Course Requirements



    Dear Pre-Calculus Students,


    In order to make this year a success, I ask your help in the following areas:


    • Please come to class on time, prepared to work.  Bring with you your covered textbook, a notebook, pencil, graphing calculator, and of course, your chrome book.  Please follow all the rules for social distancing, face masks, and hand washing so the classroom is a safe learning environment for all who enter. 


    • Class notes are to be recorded each day and organized according to chapters. A notebook quiz or test may be given, challenging you to use your notes and answer specific questions relating to the material covered. 


    • Homework will be checked daily, and recorded in the portal every two weeks. The conscientious completion of homework is essential in attaining proficiency and understanding in this class. 


    • Quizzes may be given unannounced at any time. 


    • There will be at least two major tests per marking period. Make-up tests must be scheduled in a timely manner, and may be given in the classroom or remotely.


    • Projects may be assigned each marking period, and various methods of assessment will be utilized. Projects will be weighted by points, depending upon the topic and complexity of the assignment. 


    • The marking period grade will be determined as follows:

                            60% … … … Tests and Quizzes

                            20% … … … Homework

                            20% … … … Class participation and group work within the class 


    All work will be posted on the Liberty class page for your convenience.  We will utilize the Khan Academy classroom, our classroom, and the google classroom for assignments and tests.  Classroom resources (lesson videos and additional examples) are posted to the class page on the Liberty site, under the Student Resources tab.  Our calendar is located under the Calendar tab.   Make-up tests and/or quizzes may be completed in person in the Math Lab, remotely after school, or may be scheduled as an on-line assessment.  Extra help will also be available in the Math Lab after school on Mondays and Tuesdays.


    I am looking forward to an exciting year, and hope to see you in the second semester!



    Mrs. Coyle

Technology Update

  • The TI-84 Plus CE is the district's recommended graphing calculator.   We will be distributing calculators to students who need them in class during the first week of the semester.