• Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns you may have. My email address is: 


    My main general classroom communication is the REMIND text system, email (for both students and parents), and Google Classroom. I will continue to update this class page frequently with any new information that I need to share until I have those other forms of communication set up with your personal contact information.

    Text @64ab9ck to the number 81010



    6/1: Game Day

    6/6: Book Fair (buy one, get one)

    6/22: Last Day of School!

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    MathMath: Students are working on Topic 13: Students will understand customary and metric units of measurement.

    booksReader's Workshop: Students are working on "Reading History: The American Revolution". Students will study multiple points of view, support a position with reasons and evidence and learn strategies for using new domain-specific words.

    Writing: Students are working on "Bringing History to Life".  Students will collect evidence and use details to vividly describe people from long ago and far away.

    cake Birthday Party Policy cake

    Birthdays will be celebrated at lunchtime in the cafeteria.  To be sensitive to allergy concerns, non-edible items (e.g. toys, stickers, pencils) are strongly encouraged for these celebrations so that all children can participate in the celebration.
    If you choose to send in a snack, consider a healthy snack. Ice-cream cakes and whole cakes cannot be accommodated by the food service staff.  You can deliver your item and/or treat to the receptionist or send it with the birthday child.  Visitors are not permitted in the cafeteria.  Birthday and/or party invitations are not handed out in school, under any circumstances.   However, parents are invited to join the class “party list” which will be distributed to parents that join the list.  Please contact your child’s teacher directly for this information.

    Make sure you bring your FULLY CHARGED laptop and your planner with you each day to school


    *It is VERY important to notify the main office and myself of a dismissal change for your child.  Please call the main office or send a note/email with your child's full name, the date, and teacher's name on your letter.*

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    Class Supplies List 

     Special Schedule – Miss Alexis Shemesh – Parkview School
    Monday: Computers with Mr. A
    Tuesday: Media with Ms. Palme
    Wednesday: Art with Ms. Quick
    Thursday: Gym with Mr. Hamdi
    Friday: Music with Mr. Morgan

    Math Basic Facts Clipart

    The best gift that you and I can give your child is the support that they need to MEMORIZE their multiplication facts. Memorization of facts frees up all of their working memory so that they can concentrate on the bigger task - solving the real problem before them.