• Study Ideas:

    Below is a small list of opportunities/methods to better prepare for

    quizzes and tests, increase the overall knowledge base of your child

    and achieve quality grades.

    1. Completing the nightly homework as instructed in order to work with small digestible bits of information, rather than doing everything all at once at the last minute.

    2. Flash Cards: Answer on one side, question on the other for self-quizzing.

    3. Recording Audio explanations of notes, vocabulary, diagrams and videos as a report that can be played back.

    4. Verbal and Repetitive quizzing with another family member.

    5. Redrawing Diagrams/Illustrating class models, diagrams and/or lab result photos.

    6. Creating Foldable Study Guides with construction paper where kids can fold the paper so that questions are visible and answers are not unless folded over.

    7. Filming a Video explanation of the notes, diagrams, concepts and posted videos from the class page where the student becomes the teacher for personal playback.

    8. Rewriting Notes on another sheet of paper, paraphrasing the ideas in the student’s own words.