7th Grade Social Studies Mrs. Migliore– World History

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    Updates 8/9/2020:Chapter 18 Assessment is due today.  On Monday, we will begin the Renaissance and Reformation.

    All assignments have been posted in Google Classroom.  I will be having a Google Meet on Friday.


    Remote Learning:

    At this point, we will be moving to exclusive use of our Google Classroom for posting and submitting assignments and making announcements. You should be checking our Google Classroom on a daily basis.  

    Access to the textbook can be located below.  


    Chapters 12-13

    Chapters 14, 15, 16

    Chapters 17, 18, 19

    Chapters 20-21


    Grading Plan:

    50% Tests and Projects

    30% Classwork and Participation   

    20% Homework


    • Each student is required to create and maintain an organized composition notebook/journal. All student work must be added to their composition notebook/folder as a writing portfolio. Do not discard any assignments.
    • Any work not completed during the daily lesson will be considered homework. Please bring all class materials in daily. Organization and record of assignments will be helpful for open note quizzes/tests, large assignments and studying for their final exam. Please read over your child’s student planner for any other important information.


    Course Policies:

    Student Work: Students will be expected to complete assignments outside of class time on a regular basis.  All students are expected to read class material, think critically and write effectively.  Students are expected to use complete sentences, proper grammar and correct spelling in every written performance. Please check the student planner and the work that was assigned for homework nightly. Students should read over their “ Guided Reading” handouts and notes nightly in preparation for their assessments. Please check my class page and Genesis/Portal grade book weekly. 

    Absences: If a student is absent, it is HIS/HER responsibility to get all late work from the teacher and return it in a timely manner. ( A student may see me during homeroom or after school to catch up.) All information can be found on class pages or the student’s monthly calendar.  Please email me and let me know of an absence. I can either email work or have work set aside to be picked up.


    Suggested Class Materials:

    • Composition Notebook (So Pages Can Not be Ripped Out)
    • Any Color Pen the Student Enjoys 
    • Colored Pencils/ Markers/Crayons (Personal Preference)
    • Folder (For Extra Handouts)


    Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime. The best way to contact me is through email. 

    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Migliore- tmigliore@jacksonsd.org      

    Mrs. Teresa Migliore