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      Weekly assignments have been posted with instructions in Google Classroom. I will be on my computer participating in discussions during these times.

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      Supplies needed: Folder, White Lined Paper, Pen/Pen 

    • Course Description:

      Current Events is a one-semester course structured to give the student an understanding of current issues in many areas of a political, social, and economic nature. The course emphasizes research done by the student since the topics chosen are very fluid in their nature, meaning that the topics and the amount of coverage on the topics will fluctuate on any given day, week, or month depending on topics current in the media.



      will be based on the percent of total points earned during that grading period. Points will be earned primarily through classroom participation, homework assignments, and projects.

      Classroom Participation:

       This crucial to this class. One of the advantages of this class is that the material presented is always fresh; we will be covering current events worldwide and discussing them. A majority of your grade will come from classroom participation. You will be given many different opportunities to participate in our discussions; I suggest that you take advantage of these opportunities. Topics that are taught or research can be student driven.

      Classroom Rules

      • RESPECT: Do not talk when someone else is talking. Always raise your hand before answering.
      • ACCOUNTABILITY: Come to class with all necessary materials. Complete assignments in a timely manner & see me for missing work.
      • FOCUS: Be attentive and on task throughout each and every class period.
      • EFFORT: There is absolutely no substitute for hard work. You will only excel in this class through your own efforts

      What we will be doing in this class.

      Blog conversations:

      http://kidblog.org/home/  Discuss in class

      Project:  Discuss and give out instructions in class

      CNN Student News:  We will do a daily writing assignment after watching the student new.

      News Paper Article Summary: Complete form on chosen article

      MLA Handout 7th Edition

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      Remember to use MLA Format