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    ...and just having an 8th grader in general

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    Prefrontal cortex


    Middle school comes with many challenges that we, as adults haven't lived through this technology age while navigating our adolescent years, never had to experience, and, likely, can't seem to get a full grasp of.

    It is real; the issues are real, the emotions are real, life-changing decisions at the click of a button are real.

    The good news? You can give your student the recognition that these things are real and there's even some science behind it!

    The prefrontal cortex of the brain is fully developed at the age of... TWENTY-FIVE!!! 25!!! The prefrontal cortex is responsible for many things, most prevalent to your teenager are

    1. planning ahead

    2. intuition (decision making)

    3. judgment (was that decision good or bad?)

    4. working memory

    Sound familiar?!   




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