• Please refer to my Google Classroom/Google Meets for any and all assignments, lesson, messages, etc. during our Remote Learning School Days! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at sbwitham@jacksonsd.org. If you would prefer a phone conference or a Google Meet please send me an email stating that and we will schedule a time.  

    Important Guidelines: 

    -Non Apex Classes will be live streamed daily. You are to log on during your appropriate time and stay logged on for the duration of your course. 

    -Full participation and attentiveness is a must in order to be successful in your course. 

    -Please note any and all work, activities, lessons, etc. will be time sensitive and the time & date set must be adhered to. Additionally, there must be consistent proof of work either posted to the Google Classroom assignment or through email. 

    -Most work will be simply graded as completed or incomplete and I will provide feedback where necessary 

    -Other assignments may be designated as an assessment or project 

    -Homework will be assigned each day and checked 

    -There will be at least 1 graded assignment put in portal 

    -It is imperative that you follow the steps in which I present assignments, interact live, watch the videos or access the links I provide in order for you to successfully navigate through Remote Learning



    Each of you will have access to your appropriate online textbook (either vhlcentral.com or my.hrw.com). If by chance you would feel more comfortable with having a physical textbook please notify me so we can make the necessary arrangements. 


    Each period runs for 60 minutes and yes you are required to stay logged in to the Google Meet for the full duration even if you are working on independent work. I anticipate the following: 
    -10-20 minutes of lesson or review 
    -10 minutes of review games/activites 
    -15-20 minutes of practice/integration/application/projects 
    -10 minutes of communicative activities
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