• Dear First Grade Families,


    I would like to thank you all for your support during this trying time.  Both parents and students have been working so hard at home and your efforts do not go unnoticed.  Beginning Monday, March 30th through April 8th we will enter phase 2 of our remote learning plans.   The first grade teachers have worked together to plan and create an 8 day lesson plan to be completed at home.  Students will continue to utilize the websites I've given for both reading and math.  However, students will now also be responsible for logging into our math website (directions are in the lesson plans) to access our math texbook online and complete the assigned math work.  Students will also be given a code to join our First Grade Google Classroom.  The google classroom will have links, videos, and examples to help with lessons at home.  We will continue to communicate through Dojo and email.  Below is the link for both the lesson plans and the google classroom code.  Please continue to send videos and pictures, Alaina and I truly love seeing them every day.  Once again, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are all doing an incrdible job.  I miss your kids so much and can't wait until we're all back in the classroom again.  As always, I am here for you.


    First Grade Lesson Plans Link:  First Grade Lesson Plans Link


    First Grade Google Classroom Code  Google Classroom Link classroom code



    Our special area teachers have also put together some activities and assignments for students to complete.  Below are the websites to check out:

    Mr. Grayce- Music:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1155

    Mrs. Johnson- Computers:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/61

    Ms. Keller- Gym:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1219

    Ms. Shadl- Library:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1454

    Mrs. Quick- Art:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/934


    Interventionists & ESL

    Ms. Haas- Interventionist:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1794

    Mrs. McHugh- Interventionist:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1550

    Ms. Wright- ESL:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/2289


    Guidance & Lead Teachers: 

    Mrs. Garbooshian- Guidance:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=10730

    Mrs. Raney- Lead Reading Teacher: https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/1418

    Mrs. Henry- Lead Teacher:  https://www.jacksonsd.org/Domain/704