• Speech Therapist: Melanie Bonavolonta 

    email: mbonavolonta@jacksonsd.org


    Speech Activity:

    Speech/Language Activity
    Nature Treasure Hunt 
    Bring a basket, bag, or bucket along on a walk.    
    Collect samples of nature’s treasures along the way and bring them home.    For example: grass, dandelions, leaves, rocks....
    Make lists of words based on how many syllables are in each object’s name.    Tap out the syllables as you say each name of nature’s treasures that you have found.   
    Have fun!
    ~Ms Melanie 

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    Bingo Activity-

    Hello friends and families!

    I hope this finds you well!
    It has been a fun first week of speech teletherapy!  Thank you to all the parents for your support in making this possible and for bearing with me as we make this happen.  I have learned a lot this week and want to share some insights with you all.   
    It's a great idea to have a drink within your child's reach during teletherapy... we talk a lot and get thirsty!
    Parents are encouraged to observe so they can see all the cues and prompts we have been using during our sessions.   Since there is a delay with audio sometimes, try to be quiet while observing sessions so that your child and his/her peer can hear each other and me during the sessions.   Sit back, and watch them engage and interact.   I think this will get more comfortable for the kids as they have more practice and experience with it.   Please refrain from prompting or correcting your child during tele therapy sessions.  Sometimes it's hard to hear with audio clicking in and out so just leave that to me!   
     Attached is a speech Bingo game that we can play during our session. Click this link to get the BINGO card.
    Are you able to print the last four pages of this document?
    Pages 6,7,8, &9  are four game boards that we can use in our session next week.
    Please have same small game pieces or markers on hand too.   Some ideas for game pieces/makers include:
    -cheerios, fruit loops or another small cereal
    -magic markers or stampers
      -anything small you have around the house can be used.   You can be creative!!! 
    I am adding some speech and language activities to your teacher's website weekly as well.   Look for resources there if you are interested in exploring more!
    That's all for now.   If you have any questions, please email me!
    Have a great weekend and stay healthy!
    Best Regards,
    Ms Melanie 
    ps you only need to print pages 6, 7, 8, 9, of this document (if you can)
    Vocabulary Activity with "Click, Clack, Moo & Cows That Type":
    Read the story "Click, Clack, Moo & Cows That Type" (or watch it on youtube). Review vocabulary in the story. Click here for vocabulary