• Phase lll 5 day plans April 27th- May 1st 

    Here is the link for instructions to get into Pearson


    Follow these steps:

    Step one:  Log into Pearson

    Step two: You will see your assignments.

    Jared you are assigned: 

    Topic 4: Use Models and Strategies to Multiply Decimals

    Day 26- 4-6 (Multiply Decimals Using Partial Products)

    Day 27- 4-7 (Use Properties to Multiply Decimals)

    Day 28- 4-8 (Use Number Sense to Multiply Decimals)

    Day 29- 4-9 (Multiply Decimals)

    Day 30- 4-10 (Math Practices & Problem Solving Model with Math)

     Just do the BEST you can! Complete the Quick check each day and submit to me.


    Lesley, Katherine and Alexandra, you are assigned:

    Topic 4 -Use Multiplication Facts to Divide: Division Facts

    Day 26- 4-6 Division with 0 &1

    Day 27- 4-7 Practice Multiplication & Division Facts

    Day 28- 4-8 Solve Multiplication & Division Equations

    Day 29- 4-9 Math Practices & Problem Solving- Make Sense &Persevere

    Day 30- Work Make up day

    Again, do the BEST you can!   Complete the Quick Check each day and submit to me.