• Phase lll 5 day plans May 11th - May 15th

    Here is the link for instructions to get into Pearson


    Follow these steps: Step one:  Log into Pearson Step two: You will see your assignments.

    Jared you are assigned: Topic 13: Algebra: Write and Interpret Numerical Expression (Follow the order of operations) Parenthesis first- if no parenthesis Divide- Multiply-Add or Subtract

    Day 34- 13-1(Order of Operations)

    Day 35- 13-2 (Evaluate Expressions)

    Day 36 13-3 (Write Numerical Expressions)

    Day 37-13-4 (Interpret Numerical Expressions)

    Day 38-13-5-(Math Practices & Problem Solving: Reasoning) Complete the Quick check each day and submit to me. 

    Lesley, Katherine and Alexandra,

    Days 34&35- Topic 7 Assessment (You have 2 days to complete this assessment) if you need additional time let me know..

    Topic 8- Use Strategies and Properties to Add & Subtract

    Day 36- 8-1 (Addition Properties)

    Day 37-  8-2 (Algebra- Addition Patterns)

    Day 38- 8-3 (Round Whole Number)

    Again, do the BEST you can!   Complete the Quick Check each day and submit to me.