• JAA Studio and Honors Studio Art- Remote: Visual Arts programs designed to enhance a students' quality of artwork and experiences with art making and techniques. Students will learn how art has changed over the past 45,000 years and how is changing today. Students will be encouraged to create art that is unique, of college quality and prepare a visual arts portfolio for college scholarship.

    Students will need to email Mrs Allaire for the Google Classpage- bcallaire@jacksonsd.org 

    Supplies:pencil, sketch paper and various media if available

    Students should have 2 sketchbooks (one for Art History and the other for lessons)

    Misc media is also very important at this level. Media such as different types of paper, pencils, sharpies or pens, colored pencils, pastels, oil pastels or pastel pencils, acrylic paint and other are not required but will make your experience more fun. If you need anything in particular, you should contact Mrs Allaire and arrange for a pick up. 

    Remote Schedule for Studio and Honors Studio- class page code: iqjxrmd