Directions for accessing our Google Classroom:


    1.  Go to www.google.com in the top right-hand corner click on the Sign In box.

    2.  Sign in with your student Username and Password.

    3.  Once you are logged in, click on the 3X3 Waffle Icon (this is Google Apps) in the top right hand corner.

    (See picture for additional help)

    3x3 Waffle

     4.  Locate the app that says Classroom and click on it.

    (This is what it looks like)

    Google Classroom App

     5.  Once there find our Google Classroom and click on it… it is called Campitelli/Liebes 3rd Grade

     6.  This is where all of our remote learning lessons and resources will be posted.



    Remote Learning

    Synchronous Learning Expected Norms
    On the days you're not in person at Johnson School, you will be expected to log in to Google Classroom for attendance at 9:25.
    We'll then start our day with either a special (on Monday, Wednesdays, and week 1 Fridays) or begin with our Morning Meeting.
    Our schedule is posted in our GoogleClassroom daily.
    You are expected to try your best and participate during our GoogleMeets (just like you do in school! 😊)




    In NEED OF TECH SUPPORT OR Information about Remote Learning?

    Click here for the Jackson School District's Remote Learning Website.