The Student Assistance Program in Jackson is designed to enhance student success and performance in the school.

    The Student Assistance Coordinator provides in-school assessment, intervention, counseling, and referral services to any student who may be experiencing personal, family, and/or peer difficulties. The goal is to support the students and prevent personal difficulties from interfering with their success in school. In addition to individual services, groups are offered depending on the needs in the school community.

    The SAC provides:

    • Assistance to families and students with alcohol and drug issues.
    • Support for students with any personal issue.
    • Recommendations for additional services/referrals to community agencies.
    • Many parents contact the SAC to discuss a potential problem or ask for help in connecting with community resources.

    Please feel free to reach out with ANY question or concern!

    (732) 833-4701 x7144 or lobrien@jacksonsd.org

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