Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Russo

I studied at Rutgers University's NCAS as a biology major with a minor in music.  I graduated with a B.A. in 1998 and M.S. in 2001.  I spent five years working as a laboratory technician and research assistant before beginning my teaching career in 2003. I proudly joined the Jackson School District in 2012.  Classes I have taught include Biology, Forensics and Science Research. This year, I am teaching AP Biology, Biology Honors STEM and Authentic Science Research (ASR).  Additionally, I am the teacher leader to the STEM Academy at JLHS, teacher leader to UHS with The University at Albany and teacher leader to the Waksman Student Scholar Program for JSD at Rutgers University.

  • Class Schedule


    Period 1:  AP Biology

    Period 2:  STEM Honors Biology

    Period 3:  Preparatory Period

    Period 4:  ASR (B Days)


    Period 4:  ASR (A Days), Clayton 500