Calendar Updates

  • September is almost here!  I look forward to seeing you and working with you in class!

    Although it is not mandatory (except for Advanced Placement classes), each student is encouraged to complete the work for the Summer Review Packet during the month of August, so that the topics are fresh in your mind as you return to school in September.  If you complete the work earlier, please remember to review it before our first meeting.  This review work will let you and me know how prepared you are, and if we need to review the prerequisite chapter as well.

    All of our class activities and plans will be included in the Class Calendar on this site.    Click on each date we are scheduled for class, and additional information about the assignments will magically appear.  


    Student Resources, including assignment guides, video lessons, reviews, and worksheets will be included under the Student Resources tab on this site.

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Course Description


    Calculus Honors

    Calculus Honors is a one semester course for the motivated mathematics student who enjoys a challenge.  We will cover the topics of functions and limits, differentiation and its applications, and integration and its applications.  We will follow the AP Calculus AB curriculum guide for the topics that we cover, making the possibility of taking AP Calculus BC dependent upon your effort and mastery of the topics.

Course Requirements for AP Calculus AB and Calculus Honors

  • Dear AP Calculus AB and Honors Calculus Students, 

    In order to make this year a success, I ask your help in the following areas:

    •  Please come to class on time, prepared to work.  Bring with you your covered textbook, a notebook, pencil, graphing calculator, and of course, your chrome book.  Please follow all the rules for social distancing, face masks, and hand washing so the classroom is a safe learning environment for all who enter. 


    • Class notes are to be recorded each day and organized according to chapters. A notebook quiz or test may be given, challenging you to use your notes and answer specific questions relating to the material covered. 


    • Homework will be checked daily, and recorded in the portal as each chapter is completed. The conscientious completion of homework is essential in attaining proficiency and understanding in this class. Therefore, missing or late homework is unacceptable


    • Quizzes may be given unannounced at any time. 


    • There will be at least two major tests per marking period. Make-up tests must be scheduled in a timely manner, and may be given in the classroom or remotely.


    • Projects may be assigned each marking period, and various methods of assessment will be utilized. Projects will be weighted by points, depending upon the topic and complexity of the assignment. 


    • The marking period grade will be determined as follows:

                            40% … … … Tests

                            30% … … … Quizzes

                            15% … … … Homework

                            15% … … … Class participation and group work within the class 


    All work will be posted on the Liberty class page for your convenience.  We will utilize the College Board Advanced Placement classroom, the Khan Academy classroom, our classroom, and the google classroom for video lesson reviews, worksheets, assignments and tests.  Classroom resources (additional lesson videos and examples) are posted to the class page on the Liberty site, under the Student Resources tab.  Our calendar is located under the Calendar tab.   Make-up tests and/or quizzes may be completed in person in the Math Lab, remotely after school, or may be scheduled as an on-line assessment. 

     I am looking forward to an exciting year, and hope to see you in September.

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