• Google Classroom Period 1


    District Grading Policy

    50% Assessment (tests, essays, and major assignments)

    30% Homework (including some reading quizzes)

    20% Class work (including participation, group work, and independent class work)

     **Please access the portal to check your average or make an appointment to come after school.**

    No grades will be given or discussed during instructional class time. 


     You are required to keep a 3-ring binder! I will punch holes in the handouts and they will be easy to keep organized in a binder. Binders are to be brought to class everyday! If you are absent, you are responsible for getting the notes and handouts.  (Extra handouts are in a box in the room.) Organization is the key to success! 


     If YOU are absent, YOU are responsible for the missing work. Check the absentee box for any handouts and ask a classmate for any notes given, including “Do Now” work. (Remember, this must all be included in your notebook.) It is very important to check the class page and/or Google Classroom. If you have an unplanned absence, it is best to come back to school with the work you missed already completed. Most work will be posted on the class page or in the online class. Remember, you are able to access your textbook online. If you are absent on the day a major paper or project is due, your paper or project is STILL DUE THAT DAY! If you fail to turn in the work, it will be considered late. You must make arrangements with someone to bring it to class, or you may e-mail it, via attachment. If you miss a test or quiz, you must make arrangements with me to stay after school. You will have five days to make-up the test or quiz. No make-up tests will be given during class time. Please try your best to be in class daily! 

    Classroom Behavior and Expectations 

    1. Be on time! Lateness to class without a pass will result in classroom detention. Being late multiple times will result in a write-up.
    2. Be prepared for class. You must bring all required materials with you to class, including your binder and a pen or pencil.
    3. Do your own work. Cheating or copying another student’s work will result in a failing grade for all students involved. Please refer to the Jackson School District academic integrity policy.
    4. No food or drink allowed in the classroom. (Water bottles, with water, are an exception.)
    5. Absolutely NO CELL PHONES, I-PODS, HEADPHONES, OR HATS. These items should be kept in your locker or backpack and out of plain view. There will be instances where you will be allowed to “Bring Your Own Device.” You will be told when it is an appropriate time to use your device. I WILL TAKE YOUR PHONE!
    6. Please be in your seat when the bell rings and stay in your seat until dismissed at the end of the period. Absolutely no lining up at the door.
    7. Be respectful and courteous to everyone in the classroom. Please do not use offensive language.
    8. Be willing to participate daily! If you do not understand something, ask a question! This counts as participation.
    9. Take pride in your work and always try your best. Essays should be typed. If you hand in something from a notebook, make sure to remove the fringe left over on the side.
    10. Please do not leave ANYTHING underneath the desks. I will not be responsible for items left in the classroom. Pick up your garbage and keep the room neat. DO NOT WRITE ON DESKS!
    11. You are allowed to use the restroom, but make sure it is an appropriate time, not in the middle of a lecture.