• Modern World History Syllabus


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    Contact Information:


    • I am available to meet any day of the week before and after school for help or makeup upon request.


    • You can find my teacher page at www.jacksonsd.org under teacher pages. There you will find a link to the Google Classroom page.


    Topics/Themes/Events covered: 

    • Global Interactions & The Renaissance
    • The Age of Exploration & Colonization
    • The Age of Revolutionary Change
    • Europe’s Role in the 19th Century
    • Causes and Consequences of WWI & Russian Revolution
    • 20th Century Economics & Conflicts



    General Objectives:

    I am not expecting you to remember facts, dates, or names. Instead, my goal is to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to become active, informed citizens and contributing members of local, state, national, and global communities in the digital age


    Everyday Materials Needed For Class:


    1. Writing Utensil & Chromebook (Charger)
    2. Notebook (for this class only)
    3. Folder




    Grading Criteria: The following is a breakdown of the grading scheme:


    Assessments: 50%


    Classwork & Homework: 30% 


    Participation: 20%

    Assessments (Test and Project Grades) 


    1. Tests
    • Tests will be worth one major grade and will cover each unit listed above. It is the student’s responsibility to seek the teacher out and schedule the retest.
    • There will be a review day and study guide given.


    1. Reports/Projects
    • Each project is worth one major grade.  
    • The students will be provided grading rubrics (guides) so the student will know what is required of him/her.



    • Quizzes will be given sporadically throughout the units. 
    • Quizzes will always be announced.
    • Quizzes are given to assess if the student is completing the reading that is assigned as well to decipher understanding of the material. 
    • They are usually 5 to 20 questions in length. 
    • It is the student’s responsibility to seek the teacher out and schedule the quiz.


    Classwork and Participation 

    • Do Nows and classroom behavior make up a large portion of this grade
    • Participation includes engaging in class discussion and diligently working on classwork assignments.
    • Students will be graded on participation on a daily basis. 
    • See the participation rubric for how the student will be graded. 



    • Homework will sometimes be given. If classwork is not completed it will be homework.
    • If a student is absent then the student must hand in the homework when they return to class.
    • Homework is graded on a system. (see table below) 
    • For each day the homework assignment is late it will be lowered by one .


    Check System 









    - - 


    General Rules


    1. Be on time. You are expected to be in class on time. If you are late without a pass, you will lose points from your participation grade. If tardiness continues to be a problem, I will bring this to the attention of your parent or guardian and counselor. In addition, if you arrive late, you are to do so without disturbing the class.


    1. Bring a writing utensil. You will be provided with a notebook. You will be required to bring a pen or pencil to class. 


    1. No food or drinks. Only water bottles will be permitted 


    1. No electronic equipment. As per school rules, this includes, cell phones, laptops,  games, ipods and any other device that runs on batteries or electric! 


    1. Passes.  There will be one bathroom/hall pass for the entire class. 


    1. Be respectful. I expect you to act in a manner that will allow the class to run smoothly.  Rude comments, excessive talking, and inappropriate language will not be tolerated and will result in loss of participation points and a possible office referral.