Grading Scale


    A- starts at 90.0% through 100.0%

    B- starts at 80.0% through 89.0%

    C- starts at 70.0% through 79.0%

    D- starts at 65.0% through 69.0%

    F- starts at 0.0% through 64.0%


    Check System


    Check Plus Plus- 100%, or an A

    Check Plus- 85%, or a B

    Check- 78%, or a C

    Check Minus- 72%, or a C

    Check Minus Minus- 67%, or a D

    No Checks- 0%, or an F


    All Extra Credit is worth 5 points. All Extra Credit that is given is added to the students' gradebook in Genesis and will be titled "Extra Credit."


    Grade Weighting


    Homework- 20%

    Participation- 30%

    Assessment- 50%