Topics Covered in Music

  • February

    Week 22: Up & Down Review (K); Sounds & Rests (1st); Black History Month (2nd); The Woodwind Family (3rd); Recorders (4th); Aladdin Performances (5th)

    Week 21: Up & Down (K); Black History Month (1st); Rhythm Review (2nd); The String Family Review (3rd); Recorders (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)


    Week 20: High & Low Part 2 (K); Dynamics Part 2 (1st); Eighth Notes (2nd); The String Family (3rd); Recorders (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)

    Week 19: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Week 18: High & Low (K); Dynamics (1st); Quarter Note & Rest (2nd); Instrument Families (3rd); Rhythm Review (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)  

    Week 17: Winter Songs & Review (K-4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)


    Week 16: December Holidays   

    Week 15: Holidays All Around the World  

    Week 14: Review (K-4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)


    Week 13: Fast & Slow (K); Tempo Part 2 (1st); Duration (2nd); Ostinatos Part 2 (3rd); Treble Clef (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)  

    Week 12: Thanksgiving   

    Week 11: Call & Response Part 2 (K); Tempo (1st); Dynamics Part 2 (2nd); Ostinatos (3rd); Ostinatos Part 2 (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)

    Week 10: Call & Response (K); Meter Part 3 (1st); Dynamics (2nd); Tempo Part 2 (3rd); Ostinatos (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)

    Week 9: Echoes (K); Meter Part 2 (1st); Tempo Part 2 (2nd); Tempo (3rd); Meter Sign (4th); Aladdin Rehearsal (5th)  


    Week 8: Halloween  

    Week 7: Quiet & Loud (K); Meter (1st); Tempo (2nd); Meter Part 2 (3rd-5th)  

    Week 6: Our Four Voices Part 2 (K); Strong & Weak Beats Part 2 (1st); Meter Part 2 (2nd); Meter (3rd-5th)

    Week 5: Our Four Voices (K); Strong & Weak Beats (1st); Meter (2nd); Rhythm Part 3 (3rd-5th)


    Week 4: Steady Beat Part 2 (K-1st); Strong & Weak Beats (2nd); Rhythm Part 2 (3rd-5th)  

    Week 3: Steady Beat (K-2nd); Rhythm (3rd-5th)  

    Week 2: Hispanic Heritage Month  

    Week 1: Welcome to Music