• Attendance is very important!  

    Attendance Matters - Early Childhood 

    Early education is vital to a child’s success. Preschool is the ideal time to introduce children and families to the importance of consistent on-time attendance and to encourage strong attendance habits. A high-quality preschool program can build early literacy and math skills, as well as develop the social and emotional foundation children need to persist in school. Preschoolers only receive the full effect of these benefits if they show up for class regularly.  What happens in preschool and early education can lay the foundation for good attendance habits in kindergarten and elementary school (Early-Childhood-Educators_May-2022; Attendance Works.org, Early Education Providers 2023). 


    Chronic Absenteeism Preschool Program

    Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing ten percent of enrolled school days or 18 days of a 180-day school year.  Children with excessive absenteeism rates will work collaboratively with the district to create an action plan to improve student attendance.  (Department of Education-Early Childhood-Advisory Preschool Attendance, 2019).

    Attendance Information