Please check my Google Classroom Pages for upcoming assignments from our Remote Learning Program. The links to my classes are below.

    Literacy 2019-2020 Period 4-5

     Literacy 2019-2020 Period 7-8

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    My email: jconley@jacksonsd.org
















    Welcome to Ms. Conley's class!

    *After-school help is available most days until 3. See me for the day you would like to stay after.*

    --Designate a section in your binder for Literacy. 
    --pens, blue/black for writing and red or other colors for editing
    --a neat locker

    Literacy is a 90-minute class so we will be working hard and accomplishing a lot. Trying your best, completing all assignments, studying hard, and behaving well are all traits of a successful student!

    Ms. Conley



    Online Textbook: my.hrw.com 
    User Name: student ID number@jsd  example: 123456@jsd
    Password:  student1
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