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    This class is designed to introduce students to a variety of careers and help them understand the connection between their interests, skills, and future job opportunities. We will work on different domains and topics to expose students to a variety of jobs and careers they may be interested in as they become young adults.

    Introduction to Careers: The course begins with an overview of what careers are and why it's important to start thinking about them at a young age. Students learn about different types of jobs and industries.

    Self-Assessment: Students are guided through self-assessment activities to help them identify their interests, strengths, and skills. This might include personality quizzes, skills assessments, and reflection exercises.

    Exploring Career Paths: Students explore different career paths and the educational requirements for each. They learn about various professions such as healthcare, technology, education, business, arts, and the sciences.

    Guest Speakers: Professionals from various fields are invited to speak to the class about their careers. This gives students the opportunity to ask questions, learn about different career paths firsthand, and gain insight into what it's like to work in a particular field.

    Research Projects: Students are assigned research projects where they choose a career they're interested in and conduct in-depth research. They learn about job duties, required education, salary potential, and future job outlook for their chosen career.

    Career Exploration Activities: Students engage in hands-on activities related to different careers. This might include job shadowing experiences, virtual field trips, or career fairs where they can interact with professionals from various industries.


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    Goal Setting: Students are encouraged to set short-term and long-term career goals based on their interests and skills. They learn how to create action plans to achieve their goals and the importance of continuous learning and adapting to changing career trends.

    Resume Building: Basic resume writing skills are introduced, teaching students how to create a resume highlighting their skills, education, and experiences, even if they are limited at this age.

    Reflection and Discussion: Throughout the course, students reflect on what they've learned and discuss their career aspirations with their peers and the teacher. They receive feedback and guidance to help them refine their career goals.