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    Course Description:

    Our Forensics class will be an opportunity for students to work on/with the techniques and skills required in Crime Sceen Investigation. Students will be taught to evaluate and reason through Evidence, questions, problems and obstacles that present themselves within an investigation. 

    This class is Not  a study hall. Students will work individually at times, as well as in groups analyzing articles/videos, scenarios, evidence and questions while also working on evaluating/gathering data, making connections between ideas/topics and evaluating comparisons and contradictions.

    Most importantly, this analysis  from which conclusions will be drawn will then be expressed and explained as students work to better understand the skills of evidence gathering, interpretation and communication in both oral and written forms.

    Course Expectations and Grading:

    Students are expected to bring a designated Forensic/Science notebook, at least 1 pen, 1 pencil and at least one highlighter of any color to class each day.

    Assignments will be graded with a rubric specific to the task and will be posted on portal along with each student's earned grade.

    Daily Grading: Everyone starts each day with a 100 for a Daily Participation Grade.

    Loss of points for Daily Grading in Forensics will be as follows:

    1. Showing respect for classmates, teacher, school rules & property/25pts

    2. Arriving to class on time/10pts

    3. Participating in class discussions and activities/25pts

    4. Following directions from the teacher/board/10pts

    5. Behaving maturely while working and using technology and materials/25pts

    6. Collaborating with partner/10pts

    7. Maintaining a clean work area when involved in labs and activities/10pts

    8. Completing assignments in the time provided/10pts

    9. Accurately taking all of the notes of the topic/10pts

    10. Proper removal/disposal of materials & waste by period's end/10pts 

    Grading for this class is simple, however, if a student is losing points for failure to observe one of the ten requirements for class, more often than not, it is also likely that that student is losing points for other requirements that particular day as well.