• The Read180 program focuses on reading, comprehension and writing skills.  The Goal: to ensure that struggling readers have an explicit and accelerated path to reading on grade level. The class will be taught using multiple modes of instruction in a small class setting: whole group, small group, individualized computer instruction, independent reading and frequent individualized conferences. The true purpose of this class is to help students improve reading ability and reading level in a very individualized way.

     The following skills will be taught:

    ● Phonemic Awareness- in the context of decoding (word identification) and encoding (spelling)

    ● Fluency: READ 180 develops fluency through repeated reading in the Software, modeled reading in the Audiobooks and eReads, structured engagement techniques conducted by the teacher, and independent reading

    ● Text Comprehension: Students read text in their proximal zone of development using the Lexile Framework for Reading.  The Software and the rBook instruction use motivating videos to help students build mental models that promote text comprehension

    ● Vocabulary: Vocabulary development is supported through instruction in the rBooks as well as the systematic introduction of content-relevant vocabulary in the Software.

    ● Spelling: Software presents spelling instruction and practice that is assessment-based and individualized for each student. Spelling errors are addressed with immediate, corrective feedback.

    ● Writing: The rBook presents carefully scaffolded instruction on the key types of writing: Argument Essay, Informational/Explanatory, and Narrative.


     To learn more about this outstanding program go to http://read180.scholastic.com.