•  The Advanced Placement Language course is designed for the academically successful student, who has completed the Honors Spanish 4 program. It is a college level course designed to provide a rigorous learning experience which will prepare the students for the AP Spanish Language Exam in May 2021. The course complies with the curricular requirements described in the AP language Course Description. Students will aim to develop a high level of  fluency in the target language. The course is conducted in the target language; only some complex grammatical structures may be presented in English. Advanced skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be emphasized. 



    Welcome to AP Spanish - Period 4

    My name is Magalie Alvarez-Mahabir and I will be your Spanish teacher for this year. I look forward to a wonderful year of exploring the Spanish language and culture with you!




    Group 1: manv23v

    Group 2: ie5m6tf


    Suggested materials: 

    - A 1 and 1/2 inch. binder

    - Loose leaf paper

    (1)  pocket folder

    -  1 subject notebook or composition book



     What to expect...

    In an effort to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in this class,

    Students will: be exploring higher order level thiniking authentic materials, such as news papers, news segments, interviews, Spanish movies and so much more.

    Students will: be able to make unique and calculated cultural comparisons and global connections between the United States and Spanish countries.

    Students will: continue to practice and enhance complex writing skills as you learn more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures.


    Students will: Use Google Voice to practice and enhance your linguistic abilities.

    Students will: experience holiday celebrations as practiced in Spanish countries.