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    Welcome to freshman English!   

    Problems or concerns? Email or see Mrs. D. in room 517. Mrs. Flanagan is available in room 620.  We are here to help you!!  Remember, you get out of assignments what you put into them!  Create your own success

    Email me at:  nldauenhauer@jacksonsd.org


    1. All policies and procedures are followed per student handbook. Cell phone usage is teacher-directed.
    2. I expect you to be on time to class every day.
    3. Bathroom breaks are permitted either at the beginning or at the end of class.
    4. Enter this room prepared: get enough sleep, eat breakfast, bring a pen, don’t forget your homework, bring your chromebook and marble notebook. 
    5. Late homework is not accepted unless you have been absent. If you are absent due to a school activity, I expect you to check the teacher page and our Google classroom and bring in the required work.
    6. Please be respectful and courteous to me and to your fellow classmates at all times. This must be a place where everyone can feel comfortable.  Raise your hand if you have something relevant to contribute.
    7. As mandated by the JMHS English department, your grade will be determined as follows: STEM and Honors English 1- 65%-tests, quizzes, projects and other assessments, 25%- homework, and 10%- class participation;  English 1- 50%- tests, quizzes, projects and other assessments, 30%- homework and 20%- class participation.  All freshmen must take final exams.
    8. Essays and projects should be submitted correctly on time to Google classroom or Turnitin.com as directed.   
    9. Some assignments are e mailed to Turnitin.com. You will need to use your school gmail and a password that you can remember.
    10. You are responsible for checking Genesis and my teacher page.  If you have been absent, you must get the notes from me and turn in late homework.  
    11. Let’s have a great semester!




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    Social distance? Yes. Isolation? No!  Stay connected to school, family and friends!

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  • --Teachers are available for email questions from 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. each school day.  See the Parent Portal for school schedules.

    --All assignments are on our Google Classroom.  

    --Homework is due by 5 p.m.

    --We have returned to 5 days each week in-person learning.   If you do not attend in-person, log in to Google Meet at your regular class time.  This counts as attendance for English for the day.

    --Schedules and calendars are available on the district website.

    --If you have concerns, let me know.  

    --Please check your school gmail often.     

    Stay strong!                                         

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  • IF YOU ARE ABSENT, it is your responsibility to check both our Google classroom and this Teacher Page. You also need to submit homework and make up the Do Now.  Bring a charged chromebook and workbook to class every day. If you are on a school trip, work must be handed in ahead of time.


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  • Grading percentages for STEM and Honors English I  are as follows: 65% assessment, 25% homework and 10% participation. To be eligible for Honors English II, your final grade in this course must be an 85 or higher.  

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  • Grading percentages for English I are as follows: 50% assessment, 30% homework and 20% participation. 

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  • Accessing school library databases at home? See the complete list on this page under STUDENT RESOURCES or on our GOOGLE CLASSROOM.   

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