• Social Studies

    National Park Assignment

    National Parks Power Point

    Timeline for completion

    Day 1 slide-Title slide-be creative

    Day 2 slide- Why are parks important

    Day 3 slide- Who owns National Parks

    Day 4 slide- How did your park get it's name

    Day 5 slide- location-state and region

    Day 6 slide- Wildlife

    Day 7 slide- Foliage

    Day 8 slide- Landscape

    Day 9 slide- opinions and facts about a visit

    Day 10-practice for presentation



    Our last 2 marking periods our class will be participating in Social Studies. At this time we are learning about our Fifty Nifty United States and how to locate them on maps. We are learning the states by region. Encourage your student to practice singing the song and share information learned in class.