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    We continue to practice Mixed Skills in math with daily practice and review. Revisiting a variety of basic math concepts each day allows students to maintain skills already learned. Homework is given each night and should be reviewed and practiced. Please read the planner for assignments, review the homework, and sign the planner. This is the perfect time to offer additional help to your student who may be struggling with certain concepts. Our classwork continues to be instructed at different levels and by multi-modes geared toward understanding. Our students all possess a strength in a learning style, one different from the other. Our pace and style of instruction strive to meet those strengths and needs. Great for daily practice at home are the skills we learn in class: computation, place value, time and money, fractions, comparing numbers, and geometry.


        Our students have been enjoying our new reading series, Signs All Around You. I hope you have heard about the Hamburger Cow, the Milkshakes, the birds and the interesting characters. We began with restaurant and Fast Food words within the Functional Word Series. The series teaches frequently used words from real-world text using a highly structured word recognition method. Included is sight word instruction, reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Weekly spelling words are taken from both reading and science text. Students should be reading independently each night for about 20 minutes, they have access to Raz Kids online and should be self-selecting books to read at home. Spelling needs to be done each night. We write down our daily schedule in our planner and composition book. Again, please review the homework with your student and sign the planner when homework is complete and correct. Thank you. 


    Currently I am reading How to Eat Fried Worms to the class, so expect some interesting homework and recipes' to come your way. Please encourage daily reading at home.