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    7th Grade Reading involves the study of Plot, Characterization, Point of View, and Theme in Prose, Drama, and Poetry. Students will use Notice and Note Close Reading techniques and respond to short stories, novels, drama, poetry, and informational texts to demonstrate comprehension.

    Writing instruction includes the study of Grammar, Sentence and Paragraph Structure, the Writing Process, Graphic Organizers, Narrative Writing, Literary Analysis, Research Simulation, Rubric Scoring, Revising, and Editing.

    Vocabulary development, editing conventions, silent sustained reading, close reading, critical thinking, and literary analysis lessons enhance the development of skills to master Common Core State Standards.


Phone: 732-833-4610


Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Education from Georgian Court University Certificate of Supervision

Mrs. Lawrence

Georgian Court University - Master of Education with Supervision Certificate

26 years in Education

Teacher of the Year 2007

Character Education Chairperson

School Safety Team Member

Goetz Climate Committee

Goetz Green Team

JEA Pride in Education Representative

Literacy Leadership Team Member

Hybrid Literacy Curriculum Committee

Former Kumon Learning Center Teacher

Private Tutor