• Introduction to Business will serve as a portal into the high school Academy of Business. In this middle school course, students will be introduced to basic business concepts and terms, beginning with the understanding that we are all a part of the world of business, if only as a consumer or end-user of the goods and services provided by business. Students will explore these concepts through discussion, activities, and independent research that will lay the groundwork for further study in high school and college. Their active participation will make them more knowledgeable of how business is a constant and integral part of our daily lives. They will learn the language of business, how businesses are started and funded, obstacles that may be encountered and hopefully overcome, how to market a business and themselves, how to think creatively, entrepreneurially, and ethically, and other topics of interest, while they are writing a business plan and presenting it to the class. Homework will involve real-life exploration and application. This is a mostly portfolio-based class where students will be given individual opportunities to excel in areas of interest to them. Current events will be used, often through the Wall Street Journal and current media, so that students will see the daily applications of the basic concepts that they are learning in this class. Students who successfully complete this course should have a good foundation for future study and success, both in and out of the world of business as the content is designed to improve leadership, creativity, and organizational skills as well.